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Unconventional Onshore

Unlock your potential

Thanks to our unrivalled experience from the US shale plays, Aggreko is the chosen partner worldwide for operators, drillers, and service companies involved in unconventional oil and gas production.

By partnering with Aggreko, you can utilise our engineering expertise to unlock the full potential of your unconventional resource in the most efficient way including:

  • Reduction of flare gas by using it to power artificial lifts or other facilities at the site
  • Reduction of emissions through elimination of diesel power, right-sizing equipment (including the ability to scale up and down as required), and aftertreatment of engine emitting sources
  • Powering a project immediately using power bridge to grid, so you don’t have to wait to start generating revenue

We don’t just focus on off-the-shelf solutions. We understand that every project is different, and that’s why we employ staff who are expert in understanding your needs and help you by:

  • Focusing on critical non-core areas to help you improve production and power management
  • Lowering lease operating expenses through scalable power management applications
  • Measuring performance data from the production field to ensure the most economical application is deployed
  • Combining a competitive pricing model with our knowledge and understanding of engineering reliable applications which deliver efficiency and increase production
  • Custom designing a power management program that fits your overall business model

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