Client Steel manufacturer

Location France

Sectors Manufacturing

The challenge

Urgent cooling to maintain production during lockdown

A European specialist in steel manufacturing possessed the latest in production technology. This included a room that hosted secure servers which connected to the machines that produced the steel. This technology is in constant operation and the servers protect against any possible loss of data.

During the lockdown period to help deal with the Covid-19 pandemic, the air conditioning malfunctioned in the server room. Maintaining a precise temperature of 20oC was critical to the entire manufacturing process – but repairing the faulty equipment would be impossible as the spare parts would not arrive for months due to the restrictions in place during the lockdown.

Project fact file

1 x

Air conditioner

50 kW

Cooling power

50 x

Servers reliant on constant cooling

The Solution

A clean, quick cooling package to keep machines working

Aggreko received the call from the customer and arranged a subsequent teleconference call to conduct a study of the site.

We proposed a mobile, modular air conditioner, with a total power of 50 kW, to cool the room to the optimum temperature and help to protect the precious data the servers held.

We delivered the cooling solution within just 24 hours after the call was made.

The Aggreko Difference

Lockdown doesn't have to mean shut down

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The Impact

Business continuity remained and targets could be met

Our rapid intervention came at the right time for our customer and the cooling solution fit perfectly with the demands of the project.

The data the servers held was protected, so the machines could carry on their 24/7 operations.

This also meant that the customer could keep targets in sight during lockdown, which was vital to the workforce and the company itself.

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