Client Chemicals and plastics manufacturer

Location Brazil

Sectors Petrochemical and refining


Maintain the supply of power for the plant while the energy distribution system is replaced 

Due to the implementation of a new high and medium voltage power transmission and distribution system, the customer’s entire plant at the Aratu industrial complex, located in Candeias, State of Bahia in Brazil, would be without electricity for some 30 days.

The plant is responsible for approximately 5% of the power consumed in the state, and the shutdown in question would have the greatest impact in the history of the complex.

While the system was being changed, the customer needed a solution to support plant-wide operations which would consist of one 230 kV transmission line to supply the original power source to the factory, the 230/69/13.8 kV substation, and the internal distribution at the site of 13.8 kV. 



Project fact file

19.8 MVA

Energy supplied

30 days

of 24/7 operation

2 days

of reduction in the shutdown time


Supply 26 generators, for a total of 19.8 MVA of power

The solution developed by Aggreko to ensure the supply of energy consisted of 26 generators with multiple capacities ranging from 60 kVA to 1250 kVA - totaling 19.8 MVA, 5 external storage devices for 1250 kVA equipment, and a 2.5 MVA transformer, distributed across 16 locations throughout the site.

The 1250 kVA and 500 kVA generators worked with Aggreko’s standby equipment, while the smaller generators worked with the customer’s standby equipment.

Aggreko also maintained a 500 kVA support device on site. Our solution was implemented by a specialised team of 16 technicians, divided into shifts, in addition to a base coordinator and a business consultant. 



The Aggreko Difference

Ability to respond rapidly to challenges, with equipment and technical staff of the highest quality and efficiency

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The continuity of operations was ensured during the shutdown 

The shutdown at the Candeias complex was a success, leading the team responsible to compete for an international award as the most successful plant shutdown.

Aggreko’s technical capability, speed and reliability enabled the customer to complete an important change to its power distribution system, cutting 2 days off the planned downtime.

A delay in the plan would have resulted in significant financial losses. Our equipment supplied power for the customer’s administrative and operative areas, their safety and emergency systems at the plant, as well as the loading and unloading of production stock and raw materials by ship.





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