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Location Barcelona, Spain

Sectors Events

The Solution

Right water temperature to set the scene for TV ad

Filming was set to take place on the top of the Montiuic mountain in Barcelona. Filming at this altitude presented inclement weather conditions though.

The scene would be recorded in an external swimming pool, starring the British synchronised swimming team. In order for the team to be able to perform at their best, they needed the pool at the optimum temperature. With hail lowering the ambient temperature of the pool, those due to be in the water for the advertisement would not be able to perform.

That normally would present a costly obstacle for the filming company – but they were working with Aggreko.


Project fact file

500 kW

Of power

750 kW

Of temperature control equipment

28 Degrees Celsius

Temperature maintained



The Solution

Rapid and precise temperature control in just five days

From the moment we received the project, we had the optimal solution to the pool predicament in just five days.

We used a combination of a generator, three chiller heat pumps and a heat exchanger to transform the water temperature on top of the mountain from a chilly 8o to a comfortable 28o..

Even when it started to hail, we had the answers to ensure that the conditions in the water were perfect for all involved


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The solution

Perfect pool temp helped avoid costly delays

Thanks to our mobile, modular equipment and extensive experience, the television ad went according to plan, avoiding costly delays in time.

When filming gets interrupted, delays can’t be tolerated as every second costs the production team. With our help, schedules were met and filming was kept on track


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