Client Food processing company

Location Munich

Sectors Food and drinks

The Challenge

Provide precise temperature control to keep up with 800 tonnes of produce

The Eat Just GmbH Munich food processing site is a constantly busy facility – and our customer needed to keep it that way. Around 800,000 tonnes of produce were processed by the many machines, staff and processes that the site contained – but a vital part of machinery was in dire need of maintenance.

The closed loop water circuit contains a tremendous amount of liquid – approximately 90,000 kilo’s per hour passed through the device – which was used to keep the produce at the exact temperature needed.

Without this, production would grind to a halt and critical targets would not be met. A swift solution was needed.

Project fact file

800 Tonnes

Approximate amount of produce yearly

90,000 Kg/hr

Amount of water in circuit loop

2 Degrees centigrade

Precise temperature to be maintained

The Solution

Refrigeration package and sector expertise

Our experts leaned on their extensive experience working in the food and beverage industry and knew that not only a rapid solution was needed – reliability was key too.

Anything less and entire batches of food would have to be wasted. We wasted no time in devising a package that comprised two air chillers and a food heat exchanger. This would enable a temperature of 2oC to be achieved and more crucially – for it to be upheld constantly.

The system would cool 90 M3 an hour of glycol mixture to the desired temperature, and our ancillaries – which included hosing, a return buffer tank, assorted pumps, 3-way valves and power cables – was overseen by our own remote monitoring system and 24/7 customer support. With this, it meant any changes to the environment or fluctuations in the temperature could be remedied instantly.

The Aggreko difference

Precise temperature control for your production targets

The Impact

Daily business unimpeded and targets met

Our solution allowed our customer to keep up their relentless production pace, something that helped meet crucial targets.

With our rapid delivery, smart equipment and our dedication to ensuring our customers have everything they need every step of the way, the maintenance on the existing system was carried out and the facility was never hindered in the slightest.

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