Client Gas exploration company

Location Mississippi, USA

Sectors Oil and gas

The challenge

Taking the risk out of exploring for gas

For oil and gas companies, exploratory drilling can be a costly guessing game – especially in remote areas without grid power. To avoid becoming financially overstretched, you need power that’s as lean as possible, but also responsive, so you can scale up quickly once wells start producing.

For one gas operator in the Mississippian Lime, this was the exact challenge they were facing. They asked us to come up with a power supply plan that would support their growth without ramping up costs.


Project fact file

18 months

Length of the project

75% fuel costs saved

Thanks to using natural gas versus diesel

8-10 cents/kW hour

Value we delivered

The solution

Scalable system that keeps supply manageable

We designed a temporary, scalable supply specifically for the company’s different growth phases. As wells came online, we installed a mobile, natural gas generator that used gas from the well itself. Then, as overhead power lines arrived, we replaced these with a single, natural gas microgrid, including four 1.3 MW containerised units, which we hooked up to the well gas and connected to the power lines. This functioned as a central power plant, supplying power as needed in the same way as the grid. We also fitted the microgrid with Aggreko Remote Monitoring (ARM), which helps our engineers pre-empt issues using real-time data direct from the generators. 


the aggreko difference

Understanding not all projects are the same.

The impact

Cutting fuel costs by 75% over 18 months

Over 18 months, we brought reliable power to each developing area in a way that was easy to recreate with every new drill site, with huge cost savings. Using natural gas rather than diesel saved 75% on fuel costs, and the system in total delivered 8-10 cents/kW hour.


"A lot of our oil and gas customers come up against this issue. Our job is to create the system that keeps the power on while taking financial pressure off."

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