Client One of the world's largest oil and gas exploration companies

Location Western Australia

Sectors Oil and gas



Keeping production rolling for a large-scale gas site in remote Western Australia

The customer and other partners had constructed a large-scale offshore gas platform that would produce 8.9 million tonnes of LNG per year.

The structure stood taller than two rugby fields in 70m of water, drilling nearly 3,000m under the sea floor.

This ambitious project then delivered the oil pulled up from the offshore location to a refinery, but they needed an uninterruptible power supply to meet the demand, and the needed to keep costs down.

That's where our expertise came in.


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Maintenance services every day



ARM our customer with our proprietary remote monitoring technology 

We had helped to power the construction of the onshore refinery site, which involved enough concrete to fill 128 Olympic-sized swimming pools. So, when the customer needed reliable power to run the refinery, they came to us.

We had 173 generators onsite at certain times of the project, so when the oil was delivered to the refinery site, our customer could keep production going at all times.

We also used our innovative ARM technology that allowed us to keep up optimum levels for our customer and increase cost efficiency. With the majority of generators running 24/7, this meant that we could keep on top of maintenance and guarantee power levels remained on track.


The Aggreko Difference

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Uninterrupted power supply with lower costs and higher efficiency

Keeping operations at the optimum level allowed the customer to save money and time. Knowing that all aspects of the power plant were being overseen by our experienced team also helped the customer concentrate on what matters most - making a profit! 


"Unique technology with a unique team at your disposal."

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