Client Tengizchevroil

Location Kazakhstan

Sectors Oil and gas


Keeping gas pressure up and temperatures down to maintain oil production


Tengizchevroil (TCO) is an oil refinery on the Caspian Sea in Western Kazakhstan. The refinery is on a large oil field that’s been producing oil for more than 30 years. It uses a technology called reinjection - this involves reinjecting sour, or waste, gas to maintain pressure during oil production.

Sour gas can’t be stored so when the pressure drops, so does oil production. The turbine used to maintain pressure started to overheat in the 40°C summer heat, which reduced production by nearly 40 percent.


Project fact file

6 MV

Capacity of air-cooled chillers

15° C

Temperature that was maintained

90 days

From initial phone call to installation


Air-cooled chillers to cool vital equipment and power package to supply the cooling

TCO needed a tailored cooling package to keep the turbine at the correct temperature.

We supplied a 6 MVA air-cooled chiller package with eight, 500 kW closed loop air handlers to keep the turbine at its optimum 15°C. We powered the chiller with a 4 MVA diesel power generator complete with a fuel reserve contingency.

Time is important so from the moment we received the call from TCO to final installation took only 90 days.

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Revenue increase thanks to increased production during summer months

TCO needed its refinery online and its oil to keep pumping, as soon as possible.

Chevron had worked with us in USA so knew we’d come up with a plan quickly. In just over three months we had a plan in place with power and cooling that got production back up and running as before. TCO was even able to increase revenues for that year.

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