Client Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO)

Location Victoria, Australia

Sectors Utilities

The Challenge

Provide emergency standby power to address potential electricity shortfall

Extreme weather conditions over summer in Victoria and South Australia saw the need for temporary standby emergency power to help address the electricity deficit, as predicted by the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO).

The ‘summer readiness’ programme, managed by AEMO, included maximising the availability of existing generation and transmission, and managing demand.

That's where we got involved.

The old Morwell power station site was the ideal location as the site needed to be able to manage the power input that the new powerplant would supply.

Project fact file

110 MW

Capacity added

105 x

Diesel Generators

220 MW

Potential power shortfall

760 MW

Potential power shortfall during a heatwave

The solution

Rapidly installed, noise and emissions tested contingency power

Our experts got to work and installed 105 diesel-fired generators to provide the 110 MW of extra capacity to minimise the risk of lengthy blackouts across Victoria over summer, when the baseload would be considerably higher.

This would provide the reliability that had been sorely missed by the community in the face of the extreme weather.

The Aggreko Difference

We keep our cool when the pressure is on

The impact

Thousands of homes stay connected and cool throughout the hot Aussie summer

AEMO created a function known as the Reliability and Emergency Reserve Trader (RERT), and utilised our diesel generators to help maintain power system reliability and system security using reserve contracts.

This meant everyone could enjoy a sizzling summer without the fear of losing power and air-conditioning.

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