Client Energía Solar Cachanilla (ESCO)

Location Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico

Sectors Utilities


Satisfy the high demand for energy during the summer months

The client, Energía Solar Cachanilla (ESCO), is a company with more than 15 years of experience marketing electrical energy for the peninsula of Baja California in northwest Mexico.

The primary client of ESCO found it necessary to cover the projected deficit for the summer of 2020, which lead ESCO to award a contract to supply energy to the electrical transmission system during the months of June and September.

Baja California is principally a tourism region and has very important commercial activity due to its proximity with the city of San Diego, California in the United States, which is why maintaining its supply of energy is vital for the economy of the region.

The equipment was to be installed in the city of Mexicali, the capital of the State of Baja California, which has the highest temperatures in Mexico, the lowest levels of rainfall, and is one of the areas with the highest seismic activity in the country.

The equipment responsible for generating energy had to ensure operation in adverse conditions.


48 MW

of power

2 sites

4 months


3.3 million

people benefiting


48 MW of reliable energy from natural gas

Our equipment had to be installed during difficult times in which the transit of people and equipment was restricted globally. At Aggreko, we know how to work in adverse conditions, and we coordinated the mobilisation of teams and expert personnel from various countries. We work in cooperation with local and international authorities to meet the project installation deadlines.

More than 190 containers with equipment and a multinational group with technicians from Brazil, Panama, the United States, Ecuador, Venezuela, Dubai,

the United Kingdom and, of course, Mexico were deployed to Mexicali.

Our Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) team monitored compliance with all guidelines and recommendations established to guarantee the health and safety of personnel, the client and nearby communities.

Aggreko offered a comprehensive solution that consisted of 62 natural gas generators (55 QSK60 and 7 J420C) distributed over two locations, which would be operating 24/7 to generate 48 MW of energy.


Safe, rapid and efficient response. Local and global experience of our technicians

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Operational continuity for activities in the region

ESCO was able to incorporate an additional 48 MW into the electricity system of Baja California, working with the 3.3 million residents of the peninsula enjoying an uninterrupted energy service, which enabled them to continue their day-to-day activities that keep the thriving economy of the region active.

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