Client KenGen

Location Nairobi, Kenya

Sectors Utilities

The challenge

Bridging Kenya’s electricity demand gap

Prolonged drought has put huge pressure on Kenya’s ability to generate hydropower. Yet the country is experiencing an economic boom and demand for electricity has hit record highs. Less power available, increased demand … it didn’t add up. 

KenGen, the public utility, realised something had to be done. The reserve power margin had dropped far below the recommended minimum to cover plant outages, and they needed help if they wanted to maintain electricity supplies. The Kenyan Government floated a tender for fast delivery of temporary emergency power. We won it, and got to work. 


Project fact file

100 MW

Temporary power plant

10 %

Of Kenya's generating capacity

9 weeks

Speed of first-phase delivery

The solution

Phased delivery of 100 MW generation capacity

Drawing on vast experience in providing emergency multi-megawatt power packages, we set up a 100 MW temporary power plant at Embakasi in eastern Nairobi. The plant was fully equipped with generators, transformers, switchgear, control rooms, fuel tanks and ancillary products.

We had 44 MW up and running, delivered in phases, within nine weeks. The next 36 MW within 16 weeks. And the final 20 MW five weeks later. In total, the 100 MW plant accounted for about 10% of Kenya’s total generating capacity.


the aggreko difference

Delivering multi-megawatt power plants to the local grid, fast.

The impact

Industry growth instead of power rationing

With 100 MW, the power gap in Kenya was effectively bridged. The local grid stabilised and the country’s utility company avoided the disreputable task of rationing power. Local industries could invest in infrastructure and growth, safe in the knowledge that they’d have the power they needed to thrive – all thanks to that extra 10% per cent of power.


“The demand for electricity in Kenya continues to rise, but as a direct result of our partnership with Aggreko, we have not had to ration power.”

Eddy Njoroge Managing Director ,
Kenya Generating Electricity Company Ltd

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