22 May 2018

Aggreko Recognised with Award From Department of International Trade

Aggreko receives Board of Trade Award from Department of International Trade
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Last week Aggreko was awarded a Board of Trade Award for outstanding contributions to international trade by the Department for International Trade (DIT). The award is given to six leading export British businesses each year.

In particular, the Board of Trade highlighted our work on this year’s Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, an event which illustrates the reality of our international offering.

Laying a length of cable 100x the height of Mount Everest (985km), exporting 232 generators to one of the world’s coldest locations, and designing, servicing and decommissioning a site are just some examples of the work executed on the ground in South Korea.

Fast forward two months, we swapped the snowy peaks of PyeongChang for the sunny beaches of the Gold Coast, where 120 Aggreko employees helped power 34 venues for 6,600 competitors and 672,000 spectators.

Although the location may have been warmer, the challenges were just as challenging, and the rewards just as rewarding.

However, at Aggreko, exporting does not just mean equipment and kit. We export knowledge via our expert people, who are at the heart of the great service we provide.

Wherever we operate, we are always focused on our customers’ needs - and these needs are evolving. The energy market is in transition - driven by key trends around decarbonisation, decentralisation, digitalisation and demographic change.

It is our job to help customers embrace this new future.

We’re immensely proud to have won this year’s award from the Board of Trade. Wherever our exports take us, the ability to provide power, heating and cooling will continue to create potential for individuals, communities, industries and societies all over the world.

Together and over time, we believe our services make a massive difference all over the world. That will keep inspiring and challenging us every day.
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