20 Sep 2021

Aggreko sets the scene for energy transition at Aramco Team Series

Aramco Golf

Aggreko, the world-leading provider of mobile modular power & temperature control services, has signed a partnership with Aramco Team Series to deliver hybrid power solutions in four different countries.

After Aggreko´s launch of a new fleet of battery storage systems, which reduce the number of running hours (and emissions) of traditional temporary power solutions, Aramco Team Series was the perfect fit for deploying this type of energy transition equipment

Kevin Brownhill, Global Partnership Manager for Aggreko Events Services, pointed out the importance of energy transition equipment for the following years in the events industry: “When Aramco called Aggreko and asked if we would be interested in partnering here at Sotogrande, we were quite excited to show our expertise and also explore the sustainable options that we can bring to these types of events."

As official power supplier, Aggreko will oversee the power distribution of the entire event at the four different golf courses. After a great experience in London, where Aggreko delivered a successful power distribution, the Aramco Team Series Organisation wanted to go one step further at Sotogrande; to reduce emissions and noise and show that events can adapt to the energy transition without compromising on reliability.

Aggreko designed & deployed a hybrid solution with six, 350 kVA generators and another six, 125 kVA generators connected to three 45 kVA batteries. This solution was able to distribute power across the whole event. During night hours, the generators switch to standby mode, activating the fully charged batteries and powering critical sites that cannot be unpowered. This results in zero emissions and noise during night-time:

  • 1.200 litres of fuel reduction
  • 70% of battery use vs 30% generators
  • No noise in critical areas

After a great success at the Sotogrande event, Tom Hogg, Events Director for Aramco Team Series highlighted the importance of long-term partnership with energy transition-oriented suppliers; “In terms of our partnership with Aggreko, we always expect that everything is going to run smoothly. The partnership is great and it´s growing stronger."

This forms a part of Aggreko’s wider commitment to achieve Net Zero by 2050. Partnering and sponsoring international events such as Aramco Teams Series are key to pursue energy transition commitments.

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