First in the World

Rocket being launched

We’ve been a crucial part of some trailblazing and record-breaking projects.

When it came to providing critical power to the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics – the coldest place by latitude in the world? We helped warm up the audiences.

When the world’s first floating wind turbines were being developed – we provided critical power and battery storage to bring the project to life.

When two of the world’s superpowers met for the first time for critical talks – we were mobilised and ready so the press could report the latest developments.

When a path hasn’t been walked before, when you need an experienced partner – we pride ourselves on pioneering.


The energy landscape is constantly changing. We adapt our services so you can plan big and not worry about a lack of precedent.

Our experts innovate and develop cutting-edge equipment that are used all over the world.

We power, heat and cool some of the most ambitious, ground-breaking and awe-inspiring feats across the globe.

The bottom line?

Aggreko break ground for ground-breakers



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