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Sector Energías renovables

The challenge


Thorough offshore testing for windfarm substation 

An offshore substation requires thorough testing. With the difficulties involved with having a facility off the mainland, as well as the extreme weather associated with offshore locations – it means that testing prior to commissioning has to be stringent.
The Borsselle windfarm substation was no different. Part of the testing requires a soak test for the HV components. This required 24 hours per substation while simultaneously testing a 400 MVA transformer. This job needed an experienced hand in offshore projects, with mobile and modular equipment to boot.
We were just the ticket for this project.

Key facts

400 MVA

(Step-up) Transformer

1000 kVA

Generator which is capable of ramping the voltage up from zero to nominal voltage within a few seconds.

The solution


Adaptable equipment and experienced experts

We employed one of our standardised diesel generators, capable of providing 1000 kVA. This would cover the demands from both the transformer and the soak test itself. There was more than the conventional testing to be aware of though. It was vital that the customer had a partner who was capable of ramping up the generator voltage from 0 to 400 VAC in ten second increments. Adaptable power and an experienced hand provided the answer our customer required.

The impact

Substation passed commissioning for windfarm

Thanks to our portable, adaptable equipment and the know-how of our experts on site, the substation passed the soak test, the transformer passed with flying colours and the entire facility attained commissioning. The difference we provided was time and expertise. With a less experienced partner, the testing completion date would have taken longer to reach.

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