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Cliente Engie Electrabel

Ubicación Bélgica

Sector Generación de energía para suministros

The challenge 

Provide the power for Belgium to avoid blackouts

Electricity production in Belgium was in danger of being unable to meet demand. This was down to a combination of a recent renewable energy spike in use and the unreliability of conventional assets. Every minute counted.

As outages became more severe, our customer needed an experienced and reliable partner to provide the power to bridge the gap.


Key facts

180 MW

Gas and diesel-generators delivered

2 x

High pressure gas rgulators

24 x

Custom made coils for short circuit reduction

THE solution

Our rapid response, reliable solutions and 180 MW to keep the lights on

With our decades of experience and mobile, modular solutions to be harnessed, we were ideally placed to minimise any risk of potential blackouts. 
Within a few weeks of the order date, we provided six power plants over five sites throughout Belgium.

With winter drawing in and power consumption higher than at any other time of the year, our rapid response came in the nick
of time. 
This delivered 180 MW of gas and diesel-generators, more than enough to keep the lights on in Belgium.


Nuestra diferencia

We have the power in your hour of need



Power demands met and economy avoided huge losses

Above all else, aggreko kept the electricity on in Belgium. 
Outages was prevented, as the estimated costs of a one-hour outage on Belgian territory during a working day (when all Belgian companies are active) would cause an economic damage of €120 million, so preventing this was of upmost importance.


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