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We keep businesses running day and night with the world’s largest fleet of diesel and gas power generators.

We are a customer focused specialist provider of power and energy services on a global basis. We keep them on standby at our locations around the world, we can deliver power solutions to you quickly.

If you need emergency power, a reliable backup, or want a cost-effective primary power source, our generators will get the job done.

Our generators can be combined in different ways to give you the voltage and power you need. Our packages are flexible and tailored to your timeframe, fuel and power needs, as well as your budget.

We know that no two plants are the same so instead of supplying off-the-shelf rental utilities equipment, we listen to your needs, work out the best approach, then deliver, install, and monitor the best kit for the job. Most of the time, this means we custom-design power and this is where we excel.

Our services include design, logistics, site and civil work, installation, commissioning, operation, and maintenance services following our customer’s specifications. We can offer a variety of fuels such as: Diesel, Gas and we offer battery energy storage as a service & renewable integration.



Utility power solutions

Our electrical engineers and industry-savvy technicians are trained to work in the utilities industry, which means we know how to reduce outages, keep customer interruptions to a minimum and maintain a safe working environment. You’ll be in safe hands with us as your utility partner.

Whether you’re bringing a wind turbine or solar PV online, need backup power during planned maintenance or have a power emergency, we’ll respond quickly to keep things on track.

The Caribbean energy transition is a reality. Therefore, an integrated solution to a cleaner and more efficient generation matrix is a must.

We specialize in supporting Caribbean utilities companies by:

  • Supplementing the grid: Baseload power to overcome generation capacity constraints to reduce the gap between increasing power demand in your country and available supply.
  • Seasonal Peak Shaving: Additional generating capacity to overcome energy shortfalls during periods of peak demand. Ex: high demand due to summer season.
  • Overcoming transmission and distribution limitations: Power projects can be used to support a utility grid while upgrading infrastructure and to power remote areas not yet connected to the grid network.
  • Power doing planned maintenance or unplanned outages: Power projects can be deployed and installed quickly to provide power during temporary power shortages caused by maintenance of power equipment.
  • Power for construction and commissioning: Power for construction and commissioning activities at a new project site. 
  • Bridge Power Solutions: Supporting the path to achieve cleaner energy. We can replace old technologies with our high efficiency equipment using LPG, LNG, HFO and diesel.


Diesel generators for electrical industry - Utility solutions caribbean - Aggreko

The Caribbean is facing a needed transformation of its energy landscape to a green revolution to achieve a sustainable future for the sector

How can we help?

  • Support Your Long-Term Plans with bridge solutions that allow a smooth transition between the current landscape and the future of energy in the Caribbean
  • Be your flexible Power Generation Partner

Save you $$$ on operational costs and CAPEX


Our solutions 

Aggreko delivers power solutions to Utilities around the world. We provide modular and mobile multi-megawatt power plants, as well as energy storage and renewable integration solutions. We mobilize, install, and operate our projects in a matter of weeks, based on your specific requirements. From the initial assessment, engineering, and design, through commissioning, operations, and site maintenance, we provide a complete turnkey solution to support your power needs from start to finish.

We design and build our generators. This means we’re continually finding ways to make them cleaner, quieter, and more efficient. They’re also certified, so you can be sure they meet the strictest safety and emission standards.

We provide the power you need in a matter of weeks while offering the same efficiency and cost savings of permanent solutions thanks to our state-of-the-art technology.

Our gas and diesel generator hire services set the standard in portable, scalable power generation – they’re reliable, efficient, cost-effective and easy to use. Contact our team today to receive a quote for temporary generator hire with us.


Our experienced utility engineers can help you by:

  • Working quickly to restore power with backup or emergency power systems during outages caused by weather, equipment breakdown, or natural disasters.
  • Finding the best way to avoid disruptions during routine maintenance or grid upgrades.
  • Carrying out wind turbine testing and Solar PV commissioning to help you achieve certifications and get online faster.

Your customers depend on you, so when the unexpected happens we’ll be there to back you up.


Solar-thermal hybrid power plants

Renewable energy is certainly the way forward, which is why we have created a hybrid package to enable you to benefit from the best of two worlds – the advantages of clean renewable energy and reliable thermal power.

Solar power is available everywhere, it's much cheaper than thermal fuels and its good news for the environment, but it is intermittent – night falls and power stops. Diesel & gas generators work come rain or shine, so smartly combining the two into an integrated micro-grid creates a winning combination.

Our solar-diesel hybrid gives you reliable, cost-effective energy 24/7, with contracts starting from five years and 5 MW generation capacity.




  • No long-term contracts
  • Turnkey solution (Plug and Play)
  • Scalable solutions (1MW-200MW)
  • Fuel flexibility (Gas, HFO and Diesel)
  • Efficiencies > 40%
  • Solutions Built in weeks!

All of this on a $/MWh monthly basis


We may be global leader, but we’re always looking to do more for the people, businesses and communities we work with. We treat every project like it’s our first. For us, every day is a new beginning.

Tell us what you need

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