16 Aug 2017

5 reasons to consider an Aggreko dehumidifier

Aggreko rental dehumidifier

5 reasons why to consider an Aggreko dehumidifier

For the next video of our web series, we’ll talk about dehumidifiers and how our moisture level control experts help you prevent damages and delays to any kind of project. 

Rental Dehumidification Equipment

If you’re concerned about humidity or moisture, a temporary dehumidifier may be just what you need.  Offering a wide range of temporary and portable dehumidifiers, Aggreko can help solve problems related to humidity, moisture, or we can help dry out any spaces affected by a water damage. Rental dehumidifiers are just one of the many types of climate control and temperature equipment that we offer. But if humidity or moisture is creating problems for you, we might be able to solve that problem.

Humidity problems in a Commercial Facility

Perhaps you are involved in a large, commercial or industrial operation with several other temperature or climate control pieces of equipment.  If so, no worries, an Aggreko team member will help determine if dehumidification is the best route for you, and if so, we’ll help size, select and set-up the unit/s.  
We can work with you to review the situation, first determining whether a temporary dehumidifier is the correct choice.  If so, we can engineer the project, sizing the equipment, determining the air-flow needed, and choosing the best equipment according to your power situation.  There can be many factors to consider but don’t worry, we’ll figure that part out. 

Sizing Dehumidification Equipment

Selecting the proper configuration will be determined by many factors, such as power available, space/footprint, cost, and ultimately, what you’re trying to achieve. For example, if you need to reduce interior humidity levels below a certain amount, dehumidifiers will be chosen based on the space size, considering other factors, such as processes occurring, other equipment, entry points, ambient conditions, etc.  

Choices in Equipment

When it comes to the dehumidification equipment, you have choices.  Offering a range of dehumidifiers, from small, portable units, like the 385cfm unit, our dehumidifiers range up to 25,000cfm.  Some of these units can operate on 110v, easily wheeled around a space, while other units operate on 460V and require forklifts to move. All of these dehumidification units can operate by themselves, conditioning the air and reducing moisture. 

Rental and Portable Dehumidification

Because we offer rental dehumidifiers, these units are all designed to be temporary and portable.  As a result, we can position any dehumidifier near entry points of a building but also, they can be used with other equipment, such as with an existing or rental chiller and air handler. The options are plenty, so are the ways we can help. 

Dehumidification for an indoor cultivation 

On our last article from this week, we talked about how we kept an indoor grow facility dry and cool. We considered all the ambient variables to deliver specific humidity and temperatures at periodic times. Learn more on how we are helping plants and businesses to grow on the right climate here