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Orange Excellence

Orange Excellence (OE) is our internal continuous improvement programme for operational excellence, and comprises of:

  • Awareness of why continuous improvement is important
  • Education and training
  • Tools and methods
  • Management framework
  • Improvement projects and problem solving

OE at its core requires that:

  • It is a business priority
  • Management are committed to the programme
  • All activity can be viewed as a process
  • Acceptance that all processes can be improved by:
    - Understanding that 'waste' needs to be identified and driven out of all activity
    - Accepting or introducing variability in our busines is undesirable
    - Sharing best practice
    - Solving issues and problems scientifically, and permanently
    - Empowering staff to problem solve

Aggreko knows that it is people who make the difference between great performance and mediocre performance.

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