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Products and services: power generation and temperature control

Whether you’re at a power plant, factory or construction site, or you’re organising a prestigious corporate or social event, you can benefit from our specialised generator rental and temperature control equipment. A safe, reliable power supply and suitable temperatures can be provided for any job.

By choosing power rental you can enjoy savings and flexibility for cost-effective power management. We’re one of the world’s most successful global power generation companies and have over 50 years of experience providing power equipment for a multitude of industries.

Power generation

Contact us and you can have all the power resources required for your business operations, industrial processes or events to run smoothly. Amongst other power generation equipment, we offer diesel generators, gas-powered generators, on-board generators, transformers and various power accessories. Our temporary power generation equipment can act as a standby power source or as the prime power supply and won’t let you down.

Take a look at the dedicated power generation page for more information.

Temperature control

At Aggreko we understand the importance of effective temperature control. Our air conditioner units are specially designed for industrial spaces, TV and movie sets and business events, while our spot coolers provide mobile cooling options. Chillers, cooling towers and heat exchangers can moderate temperatures during industrial and production processes.

Find out more about our temperature control products.

Oil-free air

If you’re in the United States, you can help to protect your equipment and workspaces with our oil-free air solutions. Prevent essential instrumentation from becoming fouled, avoid contamination of pneumatic systems and stop dangerous environmental condensate materialising with Aggreko air dryers and air compressor rentals.

Learn more about oil-free air solutions with Aggreko.

Event services

Make the most of our event services for electrical power and climate control. Having supported large events like the World Cup and the Olympic Games, you can be sure we have the expertise and resources to help. At Aggreko we offer project design, on-site management and operation, and final implementation.

Relax and concentrate on your event while we take care of the power generation, heating and cooling. Read about our services today.

Aggreko process services

With our process services you can boost your production rates; reduce operational, safety and environmental risks; meet product specifications and fulfil your customers’ expectations. We achieve this with a host of services, such as on-site engineering studies, a process design package, project management and an after action report.

With us, your process is in good hands, so browse the options provided by Aggreko.

With the help of our technical experts you can enjoy turnkey power generation and temperature control solutions.

For more information, feel free to contact us to discuss your needs. Our global network of service centres is open around the clock. We’re always here for you, and whether you’re in Australia or South Africa, the United Arab Emirates or the United States, or elsewhere in the world, you can be sure we’ll have an office close by.


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