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Temporary Power Supply for Events

We can provide power for events of every size. Whether you need back-up power online at all times, portable power, or the quietest generators available, Aggreko Event Services has the power solution for you and your event.


The ultimate in reliable, uninterruptible silenced power is the TwinPack unit. Two generators, ranging in size from 100 to 400kW, work together in one container, providing fully redundant back-up power at all times. These units are also super-silenced with very low noise emissions of 48-55 dBA at 50 feet.

Towable Movie Units

The movie industry requires temporary equipment to be portable and silent. The SuperHush Towable Movie Unit delivers on both counts. The units range from 500 to 1,800 amps and feature a sound level of less than 48dBA at 50 feet, variable AC and DC operation, and extreme speed and voltage precision.


This generator was designed for Aggreko’s California business, where environmental requirements remain the toughest in the world. Not only is the GreenPower our most innovative generator, but it is also our quietest. The sound-attenuated design produces just 66dBA, making it suitable for use close to buildings, tents or during any event. The ultra-low noise, combined with the additional environmental features, means that temporary power is cleaner, quieter and more convenient than ever before.

Container Power

These generators satisfy large-capacity power requirements with an individual unit sized from 500 to 2,000kW. These silenced units come standard with unique synchronizing and load-sharing capabilities while minimizing environmental hazards through advanced spill containment.

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