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Gas generator rental

Using natural gas for power generation can help companies to minimise their environmental impact and reduce fuel costs. Aggreko’s natural-gas-powered generators provide excellent quality, performance and reliability across a range of applications.

The increased demand for natural-gas-powered systems reflects rising liquid fuel costs, tighter emissions legislation and concerns over noise. These factors, plus easier access to natural gas through new pipeline and liquefied natural gas terminal infrastructure, make gas an attractive option for many organisations.

Why choose gas generator rental?

Aggreko’s portable, gas-powered generators offer an innovative temporary power generation solution that is both flexible and cost-effective. Using our gas generators, customers can quickly increase or improve their power supply.

Our gas-powered equipment can be used to generate heat and electricity, and offers exceptional performance and reliability in demanding operating environments.

At Aggreko, we provide a round-the-clock turnkey service for gas generator rental; we set up systems to ensure that customers have safe and rapid access to the power they need.

Environmental impact of gas generators

Aggreko gas generators combine robust design with lean–burn, reciprocating gas engine technology. Our heavy-duty, spark-arrester-fitted, turbocharged, after-cooled engines have a purpose-built alternator, which makes them suitable for continuous operation in harsh environments. Their patented fuel system and advanced engine design offer efficient and virtually smoke-free operation, thereby helping to ensure that emission regulations are met.

Compared with diesel generators, gas generators have substantially lower sulphur, nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions.

Making the most of combined heat and power (CHP)

Aggreko gas-power generators enable customers to use the heat generated by the unit to produce hot water with combined heat and power (CHP) units. CHP generators are vital in many processing environments and can significantly reduce power costs.

Renting gas generators from Aggreko means customers can support their CHP strategies without having to make major investments in a new plant.

An alternative energy source

Gas-powered generation offers a reliable and cost-effective alternative for businesses that are paying a high price for fixed electricity tariffs. Organisations across a range of sectors could benefit by switching to gas generator rental from Aggreko.

To discuss gas-powered generator rental or to find out more about any of our power generation solutions and equipment, please contact us.

Gas generators

Gas generators are extremely flexible and cost efficient.Contact us

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