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Low-temperature chillers for the ultimate in cooling

A complete range of industrial low-temperature chillers, with cooling temperatures ranging from 0℃ to -45℃

Low-temperature chiller applications

Bringing high-performance cooling to every challenge

Our low-temperature chiller performance and efficiency is second to none. As a result, customers across industries and environments trust us to deliver the cooling they need, anywhere in the world.

From emergency freezing for food producers to underground construction works where water needs to be frozen, we’re there. Our innovative low-temperature chiller designs consistently deliver cooling in a way that’s highly efficient and big on performance. And the unique breadth of our cooling range and industry expertise means we can help you design the ideal cooling system for your needs.

Low-temperature chillers

Specialist cooling with industrial low-temperature chillers

Designed for the most challenging projects, Aggreko’s low-temperature chillers bring cooling down to temperatures as low as -45℃. But it’s not just effective cooling – it’s cooling at its most compact, flexible, and efficient.

Every one of our low-temperature chillers fits effortlessly into your environment, from compact, portable units to chillers with a modular design for endless scalability. They can also be used in combination with air-cooled and water-cooled chillers or cooling towers.

All with high levels of efficiency, reliable performance, and environmentally friendly R507 refrigerant as standard.