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Get environmentally friendly cooling with capacities right up to 1,500 kW

A comprehensive range of portable water-cooled chillers

Cooling system applications

Suitable for all sectors

Controlling environmental conditions matters in a wide range of industries and settings – from mining and data centres to the petrochemical and refining industry. Every customer comes with unique needs – but we have the breadth and depth of experience to understand your challenges fast.

From emergency cooling to making the choice between an on-site water supply or stand-alone cooling towers, we’re here to guide you through the entire process. Just tell us what you need to achieve and we’ll make it happen – wherever you are in the world.

Water-cooled chillers

Bring industrial-grade cooling to any project

Water-cooled chillers are an effective choice for all kinds of process cooling, delivering temperatures down to -6℃ without CFC-based refrigerants. They’re also uniquely efficient and quiet in their performance, supporting your transition to more responsible forms of cooling.

Aggreko’s fleet of water-cooled chillers and low-temperature chillers combines effective cooling with low running costs, portable frames, and easy integration with other Aggreko equipment. So you can create a complete cooling system – and tap into our specialist knowledge to help you achieve the performance you need.

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