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Maintaining metal production with precise power and temperature control

Client: Global Steel Manufacturer

Location: Gent, Belgium

Sectors: Manufacturing

The Challenge

Devise solutions to provide reliable power and more for market leading manufacturer

Arcelor Mittal is a world leading steel manufacturer and mining company. For the production of steel they are heavily dependent on their production plant, which was built around 50 years ago.

The age of the plant required an increase on maintenance, as production levels would suffer if the plant ground to a halt. Seasonal changes were also playing havoc, with vital components of the facility being adversely affected by the extreme temperatures.

What Arcelor Mittal needed was a specialist and a partner.

Project fact file

Generators per year 15MW
HVAC equipment per year 12MW

The Solution

Expert power and temperature control to keep production rolling

Market leaders demand delivery, with no room for error.

Arcelor Mittal partnered with us as we had the expertise to provide turnkey solutions that fit the bill, and equipment that matches the quality our customers expect.

We worked together with Arcelor Mittal to ensure that production levels were not impacted, and our priority was keeping the customer’s overhead crane online. If this wasn’t maintained, then a large amount of steel would be lost. We delivered a power package to make sure this didn’t happen, but we didn’t stop there.

Our temperature control equipment provided the customer with the heating and cooling they required for prevention of their iron ore line freezing, and chillers for process cooling during the peak shave in summer, as well as perfect conditions for workers throughout the year.

The Impact

Business as usual for customer

Arcelor Mittal demanded that production levels be maintained. With our expertise and top-grade equipment, we kept their targets on track.

The aging production plant was no longer an issue, we provided the reliability that our customer demanded, and the bespoke answers to their power, heating and cooling challenges.