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Oil-free air compressor and air dryer rental

Oil-free air compressor and air dryer rental

Industrial air solutions with rental oil-free air compressors & air dryers

Oil-free compressed air, air cooling or air-drying solutions your company needs

Most manufacturers rely on applications and environments that need cool, dry air. Even if this air doesn’t have to be oil-free, it’s still important to keep it clean and safe – without adding new equipment that spits out trace amounts of oil like an air compressor.

Aggreko’s oil-free air compressors and air dryers are the ideal way to keep air safe and free of impurities, whether that’s in day-to-day operations or when using outside equipment during upgrades and repairs.

Industrial air solutions with rental oil-free air compressors & air dryers

Oil-laden air can lead to significant disruption, from contaminating pneumatic systems to fouling critical instruments or producing unsafe environmental condensation. When 100% oil-free air is crucial to the safe operation of equipment and projects, our 100% oil-free air compressor rentals give you the compressed air, cooling, or air drying solution you need.

Hybrid air solutions with remote monitoring

When it comes to air solutions, there are many options to choose from. At Aggreko, we bring together the widest range of air solutions under one roof, from diesel compressors to air drying equipment. These include desiccant-based dryers and hybrid solutions bringing multiple technologies together.

Crucially, every Aggreko rental is backed by our unique expertise and ongoing support. We’ll help you understand your options, find the right one for your environment, and deploy it quickly and efficiently. And with ongoing remote monitoring, we’ll make sure your air solution is always at peak performance.

Why Aggreko for oil-free air?

  • Region-wide fleet – With a large fleet of modular oil-free air compressors, dryers, and coolers at depots across the Middle East, we can quickly deliver a rental air solution tailored to the size of the job.
  • 100% oil-free air – When we say oil-free, we mean oil-free. Our oil-free equipment is never used in combination with non-oil-free compressors or dryers, coolers, or components such as hoses or regulators which have been exposed to oil-laden air.
  • Rapid response – Aggreko has a proven reputation for rapid response to customer needs and quick deployment of the equipment you need. We’re open 24/7, with dedicated teams of engineers and technicians prepared to consult with you and your staff to determine and deploy the best solution for your application.
  • Trained technicians – Our professional technicians are trained in the operation, installation, and maintenance of all our air equipment, and are responsible for delivering, installing, troubleshooting, and taking care of the service and maintenance requirements of all your rental equipment. No other rental company comes close to this level of service, support, and skill.
  • Dedicated specialised services and unrivaled expertise – Expert, experienced professionals make a big difference when you’re serving many different industries. We have teams of engineers and technicians who have specialised expertise in specific industries, from oil refineries to pharmaceutical labs and food and beverage plants.
  • Turnkey solutions – Aggreko’s air compressors, dryers, and coolers are self-contained modular units, delivered complete with all the accessories you may need, including hoses, dryers, optional electric boosters, and more.
  • No-fuss setup and support – Aggreko delivers two essential elements to the site: the right equipment and the right people. Unlike retail rental companies, we deliver our equipment to your site, install it, make sure it’s ready to go, provide all the service and maintenance requirements on site for fast turnaround, and pick it up when the job is done.
  • 24/7 remote monitoring – All our air compressors are equipped with Aggreko Remote Monitoring (ARM) sensor units. For a small fee, you can link to our Remote Operations Center (ROC) via our ARM mobile app and keep an eye on your systems at any time. At the ROC, teams of engineers and field-experienced technicians monitor your equipment 24/7 and proactively work to prevent problems. You’ll have access to performance data, notifications, and alerts around the clock, right on your phone.
  • Commitment to providing the best – Aggreko is making a multimillion-dollar reinvestment in new oil-free air compressor equipment, making sure that our entire fleet meets the industry’s highest standards in performance and reliability.

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