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Resistive/Reactive Load Bank 3300kVA

Compact Resistive / Reactive 2500 kW load banks for rent with a vast range of power testing applications. Commercial capacity air conditioners are also available.

Design Load Capacity (kVA) 3300kVA
Rated Active Power 1833kW@400V 2640@480V
Rated Apparent Power (kVA) 2292kVA@400V/50Hz 3300kVA@480V/60Hz
Rated Power Factor (Cos Phi) 0.8
Noise level 85 dBA @ 3m
Length (m) 2.99
Width (m) 2.43
Height (m) 2.59
Weight (kg) 9000


  • 2500 kVA Load Bank
  • Units can be linked and operated from one control panel
  • Units are portable and compact


  • Performing maintenance testing on equipment
  • Various power testing abilities for many applications
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