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Data centre decentralised energy

Use decentralised energy to help you bridge the energy gap.

Increasing significant electrical loads to existing infrastructures can often mean upgrading local distribution networks - adding time and cost to your project. By using temporary power, you’ll benefit from flexible, hassle free and cost-effective solutions. Plus, our intelligent battery storage can be used to save costs while creating a potential income stream.

Uptime on the line: Energy challenges in European data centres

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Explore the latest insights and strategies to maintain uptime and resilience in your data centre. Our report "Uptime on the Line" offers valuable recommendations from industry experts, based on extensive market research conducted by Aggreko. Discover more on Aggreko’s latest report.


Switch on to greater flexibility with data centre power HIRE

Discover our decentralised energy solutions;

  • We have the widest range of temporary power solutions
  • Flex your power to meet the demand
  • Choose from gas generators with significantly lower emissions to super silent diesel generators
  • Our hybrid solution, combining natural gas with battery storage, delivers a secure source of clean, low-cost energy on demand
  • Hybrid solutions provide a spinning reserve to lower CO2 emissions 
  • Intelligent battery storage offers a potential income generation stream by selling surplus back to the grid
  • Our gas engines can also run on a range of biofuels for reduced impact
  • Using combined heat and power technology (CHP), waste heat can be recovered to generate heating.

Data centre power, cooling and testing - at every stage of the data center lifecycle

Keeping you online

Decentralised energy systems hire solutions for data centres

Decentralised data centre power - stay switched on, off-grid

What is decentralised energy? Decentralised energy enables flexible generation and demand side response, reduces energy costs, reinforces security of supply, cuts carbon emissions and generates revenue. Whether the grid is unstable, unable to cope with demand or the wholesale electricity pricing is too high, our flexible options do not require capex investment and output can be rapidly increased or decreased in line with demand.