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Temperature Control

Keep a cool head when the heat is on

Making sure the focus is on your event means everything has to be at optimum levels - and the first step is to create the right environment.

Our experts are adept at providing and maintaining the most precise of temperatures for your attendees and entertainers alike. We have a global fleet of cutting-edge heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) equipment and comprehensive solutions ready and waiting to make sure your event has what it needs to be memorable.

We test our equipment in the most diverse locales imaginable, from arid desert to tumultuous seas, frozen tundra to remote wilderness. We're ready for every conceivable circumstance, which means you will be too.

Our Clean Air Solution is fully adaptable and tailor-made to increase the flow of fresh, safe air through any type of indoor space. The HEPA filters ensure risk to airborne viruses is greatly reduced, while also operating at levels which keep costs and emissions to a minimum.

All our HVAC equipment can be safely connected and powered by our electrical services products to give our clients a reliable and efficient, specialist approach.

Event Services

Delivering Events of scale