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Hospital Equipment


Delivering power, heating and cooling for the healthcare sector

In some industries, a minute’s delay is simply not an option. When lives are on the line, the last thing you need to worry about is whether the lights stay on in the operating theatre, or heating in a hospice.

The healthcare sector is the safety net that protects us all, but the facilities required by this vital sector need constant power and temperature control.

Decades working in close partnership with healthcare businesses in the healthcare industry has given us the expertise to provide temporary, cost effective, efficient solutions, that are flexible to meet your changing demands.

We ensure the optimum solution is implemented, across a range of applications including:

  • Planned electrical and mechanical shutdowns
  • Unplanned emergencies
  • Onsite equipment replacement
  • Supplementary power, heating or cooling

Our range of hire equipment and solutions for power, heating and cooling in healthcare includes:

Use our interactive infographic to find out how we can help you with temporary power, heating and cooling within the healthcare sector.

Cutting costs with combined heat and power in the healthcare sector

Under pressure to reduce your costs? Our gas combined heat and power (CHP) healthcare solutions harnesses the waste heat that is produced by power generation, and uses it to meet temperature needs elsewhere.

Your power as well as your heating costs can be driven down by a simple switch to our CHP package. Our gas vs grid calculator can give you an idea of the costs we can help you save.

You could purchase your own equipment, but the capital expenditure would send costs spiralling, taking years to finally realise cost savings. A rental package allows for a greater degree of flexibility and immediate payback. Using temporary gas generation eliminates the need for capital expenditure, meaning money can be allocated elsewhere within the organisation. Rental gas packages are also inclusive of an operation and maintenance provision, further saving on the business’ O&M costs.

If you'd like to know more about how Aggreko can help the healthcare sector, get in touch today.

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