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Day-to-day services for mining operations

Aggreko has decades of experience servicing mines across the globe.

Our flexible and modular energy solutions are ideal for day-to-day energy needs of the mining industry. Where it be for a single day or for the long term, we can provide the power, cooling and heating your mine requires to operate. Furthermore, because we are the only global provider of flexible energy solutions and services, you’ll receive the same high standards wherever your mine is located.

Equipment power and load testing

The mining industry has its own set of regulations and standards when it comes to electrical equipment. It is crucial that miners adhere to such standards. At Aggreko, we understand the industry requirements and can provide a range of mine spec power equipment and accessories to ensure safety and efficiency on site.

A typical mine site has numerous equipment operating simultaneously which requires power. Our modular generators and battery storage is the ideal solution for flexible and scalable power at any stage of the mining life-cycle.

Load testing equipment at a mine site can ensure that potential problems and risks are identified before they present a serious issue in the future, including downtime and unnecessary costs. Our range of load banks are available to test and confirm output of various power equipment, or to simulate utilities during commissioning of plant if load is not available.

Click here to read about how we used our expertise to load test and provide back-up power for a major mine in Australia.

Shutdowns and outages

If you’ve ever planned a shutdown, you know how intense it can be. 

Not only do you have to account for any downtime that might occur when equipment is taken offline, but there is always the possibility that shutdowns and outages might last longer than initially planned.

If that happens, do you have systems in place to avoid losing thousands in revenue?

Today, thanks to an increase in reliable equipment, more monitoring systems, and predictive maintenance, shutdowns are less frequent than they used to be, but they still require a certain amount of planning, especially when it comes to power.

For the duration of the outage, you’ll need backup processes in place that might need different power requirements than your usual setup. On top of that, shutdowns often use intense bursts of energy; sometimes there are multiple maintenance services and repair processes happening at once which means power levels might drastically increase during this time. Considering your power needs before a planned shutdown can help mitigate any negative effects and keep downtime to an absolute minimum. 

Keeping workers and equipment safe during a shutdown is also crucial for mines to ensure everything goes smoothly. Which is why we place such heavy emphasis on ensuring our systems and solutions adhere to the highest standards around the world.

Powering shovel walks

Power shovels are large machines used for digging and loading earth for mineral extraction. Requiring a mobile power source during relocations, Aggreko are the pioneers when it comes to providing modular motivators saving you time and money.

Advantages of our modular energy solution for shovel walk relocations

  • Flexibility in moving the shovel to new locations on the mine site
  • Reduction in time for relocations
  • Increased profit margins for the customer
  • Reduction in manual handling
  • Increased safety aspect for the mine site
  • Better planning opportunities for the mine

Read our case study to find out how we worked with one of our customers to relocate their equipment whilst maintaining power throughout the transition.

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