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Aggreko's Innovative Solution Ensures Reliable Power Supply in Visayas, Philippines

Client: An Independent Power Producer

Location: Isabel, Leyte

Sectors: Utilities


Stabilising of grid power due to intermittence

The Visayas island group in the Philippines, with its diverse geography, posed significant challenges in maintaining a stable and reliable power supply. Despite the rapid growth of renewable energy sources, such as solar, the intermittent nature of these sources created instability in the grid's ability to deliver quality power consistently to the region. This situation demanded a solution that could provide ancillary services to support the grid and ensure uninterrupted power supply.

Fact File

Generators deployed 80 -KTA50 G12 diesel
People impacted 19 m
Ancillary Power 70MW


Stable and reliable ancillary power solution

Our customer, an Independent Power Producer (IPP) owner, recognized the need to address the grid's stability issues and provide ancillary services. Partnering with Aggreko, a global leader in energy solutions, they found a reliable partner to deliver critical ancillary services to the region. Aggreko's expertise and track record in executing large-scale modular-utility power projects worldwide made them the ideal choice for this project.
Aggreko swiftly mobilized 80 generators from various locations across the globe and executed the design and engineering of the project within a tight timeframe. The deployment covered an expansive area of 11,000 square meters, showcasing Aggreko's rapid execution capabilities.
The site is providing 2 types of ancillary services:

  • Regulating Reserve: Generating capacity needed to balance the supply (generation) and load in real time (seconds to minutes) due to fluctuations of either load (switching on/off) or generation (ramping up/down).
  • Contingency Reserve: Insurance Generating capacity necessary to adjust automatically in response to sudden reduction of generation output or tripping of generating unit connected on the grid.
    These ensure grid stability and reliability in real-time, even during fluctuations in load or generation output.


Stable and quality flow of power for entire Visayas island cluster

Aggreko's innovative solution has had a significant impact on ensuring a stable and reliable power supply in the Visayas region of the Philippines. The deployment of massive modular power ancillary services has provided quality power to crucial industries and commercial operations, including advanced manufacturing, data centers, and government installations. This reliability is essential for mission-critical facilities and high-value industries.

Moreover, Aggreko's commitment to local capacity building is evident through the training provided to additional manpower on site. With 13 Aggreko engineers and 40 additional local staff, including training in SCADA/PLC, ESR LOTO, service crew, and mechanical and electrical repairs, Aggreko ensures sustainable operations with a focus on local expertise and support.

By partnering with Aggreko, our customer has successfully addressed the challenges of grid stability in the Visayas region, highlighting Aggreko's ability to deliver innovative solutions that make a difference.