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Modern Slavery Act


 Aggreko is a global business serving customers in 67 countries worldwide. We provide energy solutions so businesses can grow and communities can thrive. We support our customers through the energy transition and help them achieve their energy goals.

We provide rapidly deployable, modular power, temperature control, drying and energy storage solutions, supporting unique commercial industrial projects, through to utility provision and humanitarian emergencies – with contracts from three weeks to thirty years.

We operate across six regions North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa and Latin America. Our product lines are common across all regions and include mobile power generation equipment and energy storage, as well as power adjacencies such as temperature control and loadbanks.

We build some of our equipment at our manufacturing facility in Dumbarton, Scotland and we service and maintain our equipment at our hubs and depots around the world.

For equipment that we do not build at our manufacturing facility in Dumbarton, we source this equipment from a number of major suppliers. We also work with major OEM suppliers who supply the main components of our equipment. We procure goods and services from a variety of suppliers across the world to maintain our equipment and to support our business.

During 2023, we acquired two new businesses, Crestchic and Resolute. Crestchic designs, manufactures, sells, hires and services loadbanks and transformers. Crestchic is headquartered in the UK and operates in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Resolute provides specialised heating, ventilation and cooling solutions in North America. Crestchic currently has a modern slavery policy and controls in place. However, as we integrate Crestchic and Resolute into Aggreko’s compliance framework, we will integrate the procedures and controls detailed in this statement across the Crestchic and Resolute activities.

During 2023, revenue generated was USD 2,505 million, which excludes Russia, which is a discontinued operation as this business is currently held for sale.

Aggreko takes its social responsibility seriously and is committed to conduct our business in compliance with the highest ethical values. We apply high employment standards across our business, complying with relevant employment, health and safety and human rights laws to ensure our employees are secure. We have a zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery and human trafficking.

During the reporting period this statement covers, we actively engaged and consulted with the companies we own or control. We have reviewed our employment practices across our business in consultation with our management teams in each region and we have not identified any changes to our working practices which would raise concerns that our workers are:
forced to work through mental or physical threat;

  • owned or controlled through mental or physical abuse or threat of abuse;
  • de-humanised, treated as a commodity or bought and sold as property; or
  • physically constrained or whose freedom of movement is restricted (eg. through the retention of passports or movements tracked).

We have regular visits by management. We conduct regular opinion surveys of our people including surveys on welfare issues and we have grievance procedures in place which enable our people to report any concerns. We also have an anonymous, confidential, external speaking up service which we encourage our people to use. We have not received any reports in 2023 which identified concerns of modern slavery or human trafficking in our business. Our people teams are alert to flags which could signal risks relating to modern slavery and understand how they should report any issues. We have consulted our people teams in the preparation of this statement to confirm that there have been no incidents of modern slavery or human trafficking arising within the business.

During this reporting period, we conducted risk assessments to assess the potential risk of modern slavery and human trafficking in our business or in our supply chain and used these risk assessments to test the effectiveness of our controls. We have established key risk indicators to identify and address modern slavery vulnerabilities anywhere in our own operations or supply chains. We update these risk assessments to reflect risks identified through assurance activities and to reflect the positive impact of actions taken as part of our ongoing due diligence and compliance framework.

We train all employees on modern slavery so that they are alert to these risks and know how to respond if they have any concerns.
As we operate in some countries where there is a higher prevalence of modern slavery, we are aware that slavery and human trafficking could occur outside of our business and impact our supply chain. This is most likely to arise where we engage local labour providers or where we procure security, transportation or facilities management services locally or where our suppliers subcontract elements of their value chain to third parties.

We address these risks in our due diligence processes with our suppliers. Our Supplier Code of Conduct sets out the minimum standards we require from all suppliers to Aggreko. It specifically requires our suppliers to comply with workers' fundamental rights and ensure that their workers are:

  • paid in compliance with local laws;
  • not required to work more than the maximum hours of daily labour;
  • free to form or join a workers council; and
  • not subject to any form of forced, involuntary or debt bonded labour.

All of our suppliers are required to confirm that they comply with these standards. We also require our suppliers to impose equivalent standards in their own supply chain.

We conduct audits on our suppliers as part of our supplier quality audit programme. Our supplier quality audits include an assessment of the measures adopted by our suppliers to address modern slavery risks within their business and their supply chain. Any issues identified through these assessments are escalated to our Procurement and Compliance teams who will work with the supplier to remediate any issues where possible or terminate the relationship with the supplier if appropriate. Where any risks are identified with our suppliers, we continue to monitor actions taken by the supplier to address risks to ensure that our suppliers are actively managing any modern slavery risks in their supply chain.

During 2023 we implemented additional controls requiring suppliers exposed to higher risks of modern slavery and human trafficking to complete additional due diligence during their supplier onboarding, explaining the steps they take to effectively managing modern slavery risks within their own businesses and supply chains. These responses are reviewed by the Compliance team before the supplier is approved. Any questions or concerns are addressed before the supplier is approved.

We will continue to monitor modern slavery risks and controls across our business. We will respond appropriately if we consider the risk in any areas of our business to have increased.     


This statement is made pursuant to section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015.  This statement constitutes our Group’s slavery and human trafficking statement for the financial year 2022 and details the approach adopted by Aggreko Limited and all subsidiaries of Aggreko Limited, including Aggreko UK Limited and Aggreko International Projects Limited.  This statement was approved by the Board of Directors on 29 March 2023.

Blair Illingworth - Chief Executive Officer

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