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What you can expect when you work with us

How does Aggreko connect with customers?

Continual contact and constant improvement.

For nearly 60 years, Aggreko has been focused on the right answers to our customers’ biggest challenges. Our reputation has been built on continuous improvement, not just in service delivery but how we work and how we plan for the future.

With a spirit of corporate transparency and accountability, we’re always asking what more we can do, what’s working and what could be better. It’s there at every level, from our overarching strategy to individual sites and solutions.

All resulting in a close relationship that deepens over time – and perpetual improvements to how we work together.

What is working with Aggreko like?

A simple yet impactful experience.

We pride ourselves on being simple to do business with. Our sector specialists become integrated, available extensions of your business – a team that’s always there to help you overcome challenges and continue your energy transition.

Business, technology and values

We get to know your business, but we also work with agility, listening to your evolving needs and using our specialist expertise to find the right energy solutions.

Through a blend of technology and expertise, we build on every success with constant improvements to the way we do business and the service we deliver.

We know that understanding is only valuable if it turns into action. That’s why we’re committed to innovation, from more sustainable fuels to efficient equipment.