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Location Australia

Sectors Contracting

The Challenge

Keep hospital powered during maintenance

Fremantle Hospital is an Australian public hospital situated southwest of Perth, Western Australia. In September 2020, the local utility provider (Western Power) needed to replace one of the main incoming HV feeds to the hospital, which meant that critical components needed to be taken offline for a period of time whilst the replacement took place.

Such an undertaking is only required approximately once every 40 years, so the hospital needed to find rapid, reliable power to ensure they stay online.

The failure of power systems in a hospital setting has the potential for disastrous consequences and in the event of a power outage, a number of services including clinical activities, emergency surgery, medical and building equipment could be affected -compromising the healthcare of patients.

Project fact file

4 x

1250 kVA generators


Operations personnel on site

4 MW

Standby power at 11 kV

36 Hours

Total outage

1 x


The Solution

Critical contingency power and constant site presence

To mitigate any potential risk to the hospital and patients, Aggreko was called in to provide standby power during works to replace one of the mains power feeds to the hospital as a contingency in the event the operational mains feed cable failed during the cable replacement.”

The hospital had two backup emergency generators available. However, this was not enough to meet the power requirements needed to run the entire facility. We provided four 1250 kVA diesel generators, primed to kick into gear should there be an emergency.

With the nature of the project, we guaranteed a 24/7 site presence with our operators scrutinising every aspect of the project. They worked round the clock to make sure from installation through to decommissioning, the hospital always had everything they required to continue their work.

The Aggreko Difference

Reliable power for your vital work

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The Impact

Care continues for patients in need

The hospital were able to continue to provide vital healthcare to its many patients, without worrying about potential power issues. Our mobile and modular equipment, allied with our expertise on-hand every step of the way for every second, ensured a stable supply and more importantly – peace of mind.

The hospital acknowledged Aggreko’s dedication to providing the best possible solution, describing our involvement as benefitting the project, as well as highlighting our skill set, knowledge and exceptional work.

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