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Data centre keeps its cool during upgrade

Client: Data centre

Location: USA

Sectors: Data centres

The Challenge

Data centre can’t afford downtime during shopping season

Black Friday is one of the retail industry’s biggest days. It’s the unofficial start of the Christmas shopping period and Americans, sated from Thanksgiving, go into a retail frenzy. So imagine the headache when a major data centre – which processes millions of retail transactions each day – had to upgrade its cooling system during this time.

Without full data centre availability, retailers wouldn’t be able to process transactions. Every 10 minutes of downtime could mean losses of more than $200 million. Plus, downtime would deliver nationwide notoriety – for all the wrong reasons. The facility needed a temporary system for climate control over the holiday period.

Project fact file

Cooling system 1,600-tonne
Retail transactions daily 1,000,000+
Potential loss per 10 mins of downtime $200 million

The Solution

Chillers and cooling towers designed for the job

During the upgrade, the facility was facing two weeks without cooling, but we knew just what was needed to cover them during this period. Our engineers and cooling tower specialists teamed up to design a 1,600-tonne temporary cooling system that met needs and also handle increased loads. After all, who knew what Black Friday would bring?

The system combined chillers, cooling towers and generators – plus a standby system in case of failure. It was specially designed to improve cooling water performance and, of course, ensure non-stop availability.

“Aggreko’s industry knowledge, equipment reliability, careful planning and teamwork got a great result for this data centre customer.”

The Impact

Upgrade of facility, tick. Zero downtime, tick. Happy shoppers, most definitely.

For two weeks, our temporary cooling system did the job of keeping the climate within the data centre just right. None of their critical equipment needed to be switched off, which meant that holiday shopping could continue at pace. With our foolproof contingency back-up giving the facility’s operators complete peace of mind, the holy grail of data centres – non-stop availability – was achieved.