Client Oil and gas operator

Location Mississippi, USA

Sectors Oil and gas

The challenge

Provide cost-effective power in a remote location

The Mississippian Oil Play is full of opportunity. To tap this liquid gold, operators need to power up the drills for both exploration and production. Yet power is scarce out there and grid power is often insufficient. A leading oil and gas operator was experiencing rapid growth and needed more power at 40 of its sites. It faced a dilemma: invest in building its own utility infrastructure or find a cost-effective, scalable alternative. It chose the latter.


Project fact file

100 Generators


120 Sites


10 technicians

Aggreko on-site technicians

150 kW to 15 MW

Power per site

The solution

A flexible power package with room to grow

We designed a power package that met our customer’s immediate needs and had plenty of room to grow. At the outset, we delivered trailer-mounted diesel generators, ranging from 150 kW to 15 MW, to the 40 sites. As production grew, we delivered more generators to more locations. With our trained technicians on site and ready to respond to any issues, utility-grade power was assured at all times.


the aggreko difference

We can create cost-effective power plans that scale up and down to meet your needs.

The impact

The oil company continued to grow with zero downtime

As the oil company’s operations expanded from 40 to 120 sites over 18 months, our project team kept one step ahead. We ramped up the service to match their changing power requirements, ensuring uninterrupted power and zero downtime. This scaled approach kept their costs down – they never paid for more power than they needed. Plus, it was very agile – power was delivered fast to keep pace with their rapid growth.


“With our trained technicians on site, we could rapidly deploy more power to match the exact needs of the sites at any time.”