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Gas Power

Flexible, reliable gas power

With our Gas generators you get a lean burn, high speed reciprocating gas engine with one of the best-in-class fuel efficiency, exceptional performance and unrivalled reliability.

Our industry-leading gas generators are more versatile and flexible on gas fuel type. In addition to natural gas, the engine also runs on associated petroleum gas (APG), compressed natural gas (CNG), liquefied natural and petroleum gas (LNG and LPG) as well as stranded or flared gas* subject to gas analysis. The power plants also have a tolerance to a wide methane index (MI) range. 

Not just flexible on fuel type. Our mobile and modular plant design also delivers plant flexibility and full scalability, with the ability to increase or decrease capacity according to demand. Also delivering a high power to footprint ratio they are ideal for harsh or remote locations. 

Our gas fleet is kinder on the environment as it runs on eco-friendly gas fuel, has low exhaust emissions and a low noise level. With an electrical efficiency of 43.1%, which is 7-15% better than open cycle industrial gas turbines, we can help lower your overall total cost of energy and meet the most stringent environmental regulations.

Whether you need to meet capacity shortages or you have long-term power requirements for base load, grid mode or distributed power generation – talk to us today to find out how our gas generators can help.


  • 1500 kW power density output
  • 0% De-rate at high ambient temperatures below 35°C
  • Fast time to deploy and install
  • 0% capital outlay

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