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“We understand the aquaculture industry and the need for precision temperature-control, so that you don’t lose your precious fish stocks – or money.”


Helping primary producers on land, in rivers and at sea

Agriculture has come a long way in the past few decades. Today’s commercial farming operations rely on complex systems to carefully control environments for maximum output of quality produce – be it fresh fruit and vegetables, grains and crops, livestock, or fisheries. We can help you to manage things with our reliable generators, heaters, chillers and air-handlers – whatever your farming operation. From grains to greenhouses, we have you covered

It’s crucial to keep your harvested crop cool and dry throughout winter to avoid mildew, mould and pests. We can provide heaters, chillers and air-handlers to get the temperature and moisture levels just right – so your crops are in perfect condition come sale time. And if you grow fruit and vegetables in greenhouses, you’ll know the importance of perfect climate-control.

We can work with you to support your existing systems during maintenance and turnarounds with our power and temperature-control equipment. Whatever you’re growing, we’ll help you make sure your crops thrive. 

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Supporting a thriving aquaculture industry

Our specialist agriculture technicians understand the aquaculture industry and the need for precision temperature-control, so that you don’t lose your precious fish stocks – or money. So if you need to keep your salmon hatcheries cool during seasonal fluctuations, maintain stable temperatures in your heating tanks, or sterilise your bio towers to remove bacteria, we can help.

We’re also ready to work in areas that are hard to reach. No matter how remote your fishery – or if it’s onshore or offshore – we can help you maintain peak production with our temporary heating, cooling or power equipment.




“When temperatures began to fluctuate we approached Aggreko as we knew they were temperature control experts that we could rely on. We were pleased that Aggreko responded so efficiently to our needs.”

Andy Young Furnace Manager ,
Cooke Aquaculture, Scotland

“It makes good sense to use hire equipment over the vintage period. If I were unable to do that, I would have NZD $1 million tied up in equipment instead of using it to grow our business.”

Peter Yealands Owner and Founder ,
Yealands Winery

“Primary production is a science – it’s important to get the details right. We understand the unique needs of the agriculture sector and can help solve your challenges.” 

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