Renewable energy

Adding reliability to the power of natural resources

Communities and businesses rely on a steady, dependable power supply. So it’s important to make sure your new plant will be up to the task, together with planning for times when bad weather or seasonal changes threaten your power production.

Whether you’re operating a wind farm, a photovoltaic plant, or a hydropower dam, we can help you to bring your power supply online – on time. Our high-voltage engineers will bring in our loadbanks and transformers to mirror the conditions and loads you expect, so you can be sure that everything will work perfectly the moment you connect to the grid.

We can also bridge the gap when nature stops you from producing power. So if you have to turn off your wind turbines during a storm, or if a drought stops hydropower production, we’ll keep things going with generators that we can synchronise with the grid, while meeting all regulations. 

What’s more, our engineers are used to working in challenging locations. So no matter how isolated your site, we’ll find the best way to get our equipment to you – by air, land, sea, or river. 

Working with cleaner fuels and quieter generators 

We’re committed to working with you in the most environmentally sensitive way possible. That’s why we’ve developed a range of generators to run on gas. Our natural gas generators have low emissions, are virtually smoke free and are sound-proofed to comply with local noise regulations. What’s more, because they’re containerised, we’ve significantly reduced the risk of engine fluid spills. We’ve also adapted generators to run on biodiesel and non-standard gases. All of which means that we can use the best, and lowest cost fuel available to meet your site needs.