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Cleaner & Renewable Energy Solutions for Mining

Aggreko - your power partner for the long-term.

At Aggreko, we help you progress your business with better – and cleaner – energy solutions for the life of your mine.

As power specialists, we understand the energy you need to operate effectively – regardless of your mine’s location or how complex your operation’s needs are. We also understand the practical challenges of reducing your carbon emissions.

That is why we will work with you and use our deep expertise to develop the right choice of solutions and services to give you the energy you require. We have been providing energy services across a variety of industries for over 60 years. From humble beginnings, we have grown to be the world’s leading provider of mobile modular power and temperature control now operating across 80 countries globally.


Over time, our solutions have grown from initially supporting mines with bridging power to now providing fully hybridised microgrids that we build, own and operate throughout the mine’s life. Where we once supported mines operationally with their short-term energy needs, we organically developed into an independent power producer and an investment partner now active at more than 300 mines globally.

We understand that mining is a business of uncertainty, requiring quick response to changing circumstances, and the flexibility and agility to keep pace with a constantly shifting market in order to maximise opportunities and minimise losses. We understand this kind of working environment and have built our business and operations around serving and supporting customers with these unique needs.

We know that power is critical to miners, and we are ready and able to be a key mining project partner, providing reliable, efficient and cost-effective power to your operation.

We operate and maintain mining power supply stations throughout your operations' life.

We’ve been delivering power to the mining industry for decades. With expertise across energy generation, distribution and microgrids we can provide complete independent power projects (IPP) and design, develop and install flexible, scalable and modular solutions for remote power.

Our flexible energy solutions include a variety of energy sources such as natural gas, wind, solar, batteries and diesel and we bundle up all components of the power plant under one contract.

This means that you have one point of accountability, and we work on the basis of performance – delivering reliable, cost efficient power to your operations.


Build – Own – Operate – Maintain Mining Solutions and Services Model

Our flexible Build – Own – Operate – Maintain (BOOM) service model assists our power plant customers by investing in their project and helping them to use their capital more effectively in their business. Under this contract model we tailor and adjust your power plant to suit your site’s size, environment and compliance requirements. As a critical investor in your project we continue to operate and maintain the plant, so it continues to work cost-effectively and efficiently. We also take care of the site’s evolving power needs, including technological upgrades.

Cleaner and Renewable Energy Solutions for Mining

Mining Power Supply Flexible Commercial Contract

  • We know that risk management is a key part of the mining business. Aggreko’s flexible contract terms makes us the perfect power partner to meet your operational and commercial risk management needs.

  • We are able to offer flexible contracts with variations on the BOOM model. We can provide capital, as well as own, operate and maintain the power facility on your site. Our contract frees up your capital for use elsewhere in your business. It is a cost-effective solution for any location and is tailored to suit your site’s size, environment, and your company’s ESG requirements.

  • We are also able to offer longer-term contracts than initially required, with low early termination costs. This allows you to potentially reduce your operational expenses now, as well as prepare for mine life extensions without later negotiating contract extensions from an unfavourable position. 

Security of power supply with Aggreko's mining energy solutions

  • Power supply is a key business continuity risk for any mining operation. We understand this risk and ensure that our power system designs, and operating practices provide reliable power supply to keep you in business from day one.

  • Power supply reliability and fuel efficiency are key potential risks to the power station operation and need to be balanced. We can provide fuel efficiency guarantees and reliability guarantees, with associated liquidated damages and other penalties to give you assurance that we will deliver power to you on time and on budget.

  • The use of renewable energy for mining is still relatively new, but Aggreko already has runs on the board. Of the limited number of mining hybrid microgrids operating globally we own and operate 4 of them, giving you the assurance of our ability to design, build and operate a hybrid power station and access to invaluable experience from other projects.

  • In times of global supply chain uncertainty, we can rely on our supply chain partners and technical expertise, while still operating a local depot and local team of technicians to ensure that we can continue to provide unparalleled service.

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Managing and mitigating risks with mining hybrid and renewable energy solutions.

  •  Power supply doesn’t come without risk, and Aggreko is adept at managing and mitigating those risks for its clients.

  •  Robust fuel efficiency and reliability guarantees are standard for our PPA contracts. We stand behind our ability to provide you with efficient and reliable power, with comprehensive and transparent performance reporting practices.

  • Fluctuating fuel price risk and fuel supply risk are minimised with hybrid solutions and added renewables. By utilising a hybrid microgrid design, you fix a part of your fuel cost, which could reduce your overall cost compared to thermal only power.

  •  Renewable energy and storage technology is developing rapidly, which can be a cause for hesitation to proceed with a hybrid solution. We can alter the system design to add renewable generation and storage technology at any time through the term of a contract, helping you to ease into a hybrid option gradually and when it makes sense to do so. And as technology develops, we can swap out our modular equipment through the duration of the contract to ensure you have the latest technology for your mine.

  •  We take a least risk approach to power system design to ensure that you have a power supply you can rely on from day one. In line with the flexibility of our contract terms, this can be altered as the operation’s power needs settle and mature.

  •  We can scale your power needs through the life of your project - from early construction through to full operation and closure at the end of the mine’s life. Our ‘fleet model’ and modular system means that we can provide power generation to your project at short notice, whilst also preparing the site for the long‑term power solution. We can then increase or reduce the power generation on site as operational needs dictate.

  •  With the BOOM model, there is no up-front capital cost (CAPEX) and costs are incurred over the term of the contract as an operating cost (OPEX). This provides you with budget visibility and predictability over your overall power costs.

  •  In remote power supply situations, reliability can be put at risk when a generator is taken off-line for major maintenance. Our modular system, fleet model of operation and worldclass practices negates this risk by simply changing out the generator requiring maintenance with another from our local depot while the major maintenance is carried out. In the same way, we can also add or remove generation when required (for example, if a unit needs replacing).

Aggreko's commitment to mining safety

  • Occupational health and safety are critical issues for mining customers worldwide, which is why we adhere to the highest standards around the globe. We are accredited across various QHSE certifications including:
    – ISO 9001:2015 - Quality management system
    – ISO 14001:2015 - Environmental management systems
    – ISO 45001:2018 - Occupational health and safety

  • Our fleet comes with 24/7 remote monitoring and support, and we ensure the power station operates efficiently and effectively.

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