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The energy transition touches every industry or sector, and with BP reporting that renewable energy is now the fastest-growing energy source, there is a clear move towards decarbonisation.

Global energy standards have changed, and companies are feeling the pressure to respond to the evolving landscape. Mining is no exception, and in this article we explore what clean energy solutions are on offer, how operators can meet the rising demands to incorporate green tech, and how the industry has transformed as a result.

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The mining sector is inherently cyclical, with external market conditions often determining the profitability of a mine. In this white paper we analyse how this historical uncertainty has affected the industry, and how a recent rise in exploration budgets might be signalling an upturn for mining globally.

With a positive outlook for the sector, we also explore what the mine of the future might look like, how best to power new mining operations and how operators can respond to the current energy transition and shift towards decarbonisation.

Supplemented with our regional insights, this paper looks into the challenges and opportunities facing the mining sector now and in the future.

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