Client Gas and Electric company

Location Exeter, UK

Sectors Utilities

The challenge

No heat connection and limited space for newly built houses

A new residential area was built and ready to welcome its new owners. With no connection to the district heating system though, it meant that there would be delays before anyone could begin their lives in their new abode.

The people couldn’t live in the cold and without hot water. There was a small space that could fit a temporary solution while connection to the heating system was being lined up, but it was only 20 metres away from the front doors of the houses. Not only that, but there were low gas pressure issues too.

The people and families awaiting their new homes could only wait for so long. The customer required a partner who could provide swift, silent and adaptable heat.

Project fact file

1x 1 MW

Oil-fired boiler

1x Fuel tank

Including fuel management

1x 1 MW

Gas-fired boiler

The solution

Noise-cancelling boilers and fuel management system

Once we had spoken to the customer, our experts decided that the best approach would be to use two boilers with different fuel sources to heat the water.
The oil-fired boiler was delivered with a fuel management system that guaranteed the operation of the boiler.
The gas-fired boiler was adapted to deal with the low pressure of the supply.
The new residents are now in their homes and have the heat and hot water they require. On warmer days they can open their windows without being disturbed by any noise from the heating solution just metres away.
Both boilers were smartly containerised with noisecancelling insulation, so residents could enjoy the benefits of the solution – while being blissfully unaware of the delay in the connection to the grid.

The Aggreko difference

Our expertise can make a house into a home


New homeowners have heat and hot water – minus the noise


The new residents are now in their homes and have the heat and hot water they require. On warmer days they can open their windows without being disturbed by any noise from the heating solution just metres away.

Both boilers were smartly containerised with noise cancelling insulation, so residents could enjoy the benefits of the solution– while being blissfully unaware of the delay in the connection to the grid. The customer has delivered on their promise to the new residents and has are liable solution until the connection to the grid has been resolved


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