Client Water reclamation plant

Location USA

Sectors Government services

The challenge

Avoiding shutdown during major maintenance 

A south east water reclamation plant had some major maintenance coming up, and wanted to find a way to keep the plant up and running while the crews were at work. 

There were quite a few problems that needed fixing – and top of the list was how to get a temporary air supply of at least 5,500 cubic feet per minute at 8 pounds per square inch into three of the aeration basins where work was being done. The plant operators didn’t know where to start. We love problem-solving, so we’re glad they called us to help.


Project fact file

5,500 cfm

Air supply


Fuel tanks

2 days

Ahead of schedule

The solution

Air compressors provide alternative air supply 

We know how much plant facilities loathe shutdowns. It’s money down the drain. So we set to work designing a system that would keep the water reclamation plant up and running while maintenance occurred. 

Our air compressors pumped the required 5,500 cubic feet per minute of air into the site’s header without a hitch. We had a technician on site daily to monitor our gear, and our compressors were serviced every 250 hours to make sure they kept performing at their peak.


the aggreko difference

We provide much more than just rental power. Our engineers can solve all sorts of site problems.

The impact

Zero downtime, maintenance a success

Maintenance crews at the water reclamation plant could breathe a big sigh of relief. With Aggreko’s steady supply of air available, they completed their project with zero downtime. 

What’s more, it was finished two days ahead of schedule. It was a great win for the plant – and proof that with the right team behind you, many shutdowns are completely avoidable.


“When the plant initially approached us, they weren’t really sure what they needed. We analysed the situation and came up with a cost-effective and reliable alternative air supply.”

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