Client Luxury car manufacturer

Location South Africa

Sectors Manufacturing


Additional cooling for expanded car manufacturing plant

The customer was expanding their paintshop and needed additional temperature control for the paint cooling processes being put into operation.

As they only needed the extra cooling in the hot summer months they were looking for a short term rental solution.

It was not a straightforward solution as the customer’s equipment is has an automatically controlled bypass which caused flow issues with the cooling equipment. It was critical the right level of cooling was added as otherwise they wouldn’t be able to make use of the expansion to increase production.

Key Facts

3.2 MW

Extra cooling provided

12 hours

Engineer onsite per day




Bespoke chiller configuration with onsite experts

Aggreko provided engineering experts and temperature control technicians to design and implement the ideal cooling solution which saw us supply 6°c for the customer’s air handling unit with a return temperature design of 12ºc precisely.

Due to the complexities caused by the customer equipment we kept an engineer onsite for 12 hours a day during the project to make any adjustments and deal with any breakdowns.

We installed 4 x 800KW chillers, 4 x 50L/sec pumps, 1 x 1000L buffer tank, 1 x 8-way manifold, and 1 pressurisation skid. As this equipment was not available previously in South Africa, we imported it from our stock in the Netherlands and UK.


Keeping customer equipment cool, whatever the weather



Production increased to new maximum capacity with no cooling issues

The required cooling equipment was installed on time and worked successfully throughout the project, enabling the customer to make full use of their expanded paint shop and ramp up production to the maximum.

They were extremely happy with our solution and service and now know they can rely on Aggreko to keep their equipment cool during the hottest months and during any future expansions.

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