Client National Oil Company

Location Egypt

Sectors Oil and gas


Replace diesel with flare gas to reduce fuel costs and meet environmental regulations

Drilling for oil is a complex and costly operation and so is the issue of flaring gas produced with the oil, controversial. A National Oil Company (NOC) needed to continue producing oil, reduce their operating costs and meet emissions targets.

Their wells were being powered by a mix of grid power which was unreliable and prone to trips and blackouts, and diesel generators which have high fuel costs.

They also needed to meet government regulations, coming into play by 2030, where Egypt will have a zero flaring policy in place, as determined by The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC).

The NOC needed a reliable power partner so that they could monetise the gas they were flaring and use it as fuel for power generation instead.

This would also allow them to make huge cost savings on their current fuel spend, and keep them in line with the regulations.

Key Facts

5 Years

Project length

1.8 MW

Total power provided


Flare emissions

2 Weeks

Power solution commissioned within


From start to finish, a complete and bespoke package which factored in unique demands and regulations of the customer

Aggreko was chosen to deliver a bespoke power solution (Power and NGL extraction), and by working closely with the NOC, we devised a strategy that ticked all the boxes.

Gas chromatograph results were shared to us by the NOC. This allowed us to determine the APG quality and confirm it could be used by our best-in class ISO certified equipment. By supplying two of our QSK60 gas generators, including all the ancillaries, we were able to utilise the field gas directly without any treatment.

This new setup was commissioned and ready to be moved to the customers facility within two weeks. Our services included full operations and maintenance package as well as having a workshop onsite with 24/7 access.


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A saving of up to $10.2m USD on diesel consumption over the 5 year contract – and zero flaring emissions

The NOC has reliable low cost power to secure oil production from their wells and have experienced zero lost production time incidents due to power constraints since working with us over the last nine months.

The new generators mean zero diesel consumption on-site and zero flaring. This meets the Egyptian government’s regulations and ensured lower operational costs.

The financial savings for this project are vast, with around $2 million USD saved in the first year. This equates to savings of approximately $10 million USD during the contract duration.

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