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When the world is watching and the stands are packed - you need reliability. You need to know the lights will stay on the action.

With industry-leading equipment, flexible fuel options and contract lengths and decades of experience ensuring the biggest crowds stay wowed - we have got you and your venue covered.

It may be a small audience, it could be tens of thousands of eyes and a raucous noise, it may be that space is tight and providing temperature control or power requires some degree of adaptability - our teams on the ground will promptly deliver the equipment and solutions that bring you closer to the end goal.

What’s more, we know the nuances involved of sports and entertainment at the highest level, whether a temperature control system that doesn’t affect the flight of a tennis ball, or our electrical systems which run quietly to allow performers on stage to be heard. Our experts will often have the answers before our clients have the questions!

We're here to help you raise the roof for your audiences.

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