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Manufacturing AFR

Typically, energy accounts for up to 20% of a manufacturer’s operational costs, which has a major impact on business profitability, especially when energy prices soar unexpectedly. To remain competitive, manufacturers in Africa are continually seeking to improve productivity, reduce total energy use and possibly boost further investment.

There is an imperative to move ahead with incorporating additional energy generation capacity across various markets in making market players more competitive from an energy efficiency and cost perspective.  There is scope for the manufacturing industry to draw on alternative fuels in minimising its reliance on coal, including biomass, refuse and tire
derived fuels. The key challenges to doing so are price stability and availability in material supply.

Under pressure to reduce your energy costs?

Gas power solutions is the primary option to cut energy costs while still increasing productivity.



Reduce your energy costs by up to 20%

Aggreko are experts in reducing your costs and producing additional energy whenever, and wherever, you need it.

We have invested in new generation, gas powered generators with world-leading efficiency, which could reduce your energy costs by 20%.


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There are many reasons to start a conversation with us. Here are just a few of them.

  • Many of our customers are achieving 20% savings on their energy costs
  • Gas generation is significantly cheaper than electricity per kVA
  • Increasing electricity connection is expensive… especially as a significant proportion of connection charges are linked to peak volumes
  • Outsourcing means that you can grow without risking capital
  • You can be highly flexible by simply off hiring when you no longer need additional power
  • Renegotiating existing utility contracts (to meet short-term increased demand) can result in less competitive rates and delays waiting for increased grid connections can often result in less output

Do you use hot water or steam in your processes?

Our Combined Heat and Power (CHP) solutions enable you to generate power, heat, steam or hot water by utilising waste heat from engines’ exhaust or high temperature coolant. This delivers extra cost savings, especially in processing environments. 


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