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Engineered power, cooling, heating and compressed air solutions for oil and gas upstream, midstream and downstream operations

Sand Mines

Offshore Operations

Onshore Drilling Rigs

Completion Operations


Downstream / Refineries


Artificial Lift Systems

Booster Pumps

Gathering / Treatment Facilities

Offshore Drilling Rigs
  • Diesel and Natural Gas power systems for planned and unplanned outages
  • Backup power systems for operational redundancies
  • Heating and cooling for process enhancement of offshore facilities
  • Dryers and dehumidifiers for corrosion prevention
  • HVAC for systems preservations during cold stacking of rig assets

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Sand Mines
  • Scalable Multi-Megawatt Temporary Power Systems for Remote Sand Operations
  • Power for Sand Production Ahead of Utility Availability
  • Professional Engineering Services and Certified Technicians
  • Ancillary Power Systems for Grid Capacity Support

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Onshore Drilling Rigs
  • Diesel and natural gas power systems for backup and emergencies
  • Heating and cooling for trailers, personnel safety and comfort
  • Dryers and dehumidifiers for corrosion prevention of valuable assets
  • Hybrid battery kits for powering low voltage electronics and controls
Completions Operations
  • Flowback water heating and cooling applications
  • Power automation for saltwater disposal wells
  • Power for pump truck fleets and ancillary completions equipment

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  • Centralized temporary power plants with distributed power to multiple locations
  • More efficient and reliable than individual generators at each well site
  • Fuel options include Diesel, Natural Gas, CNG, LNG, Propane
  • Certified technicians and engineering teams for implementation and project management

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Downstream / Refineries
  • Electrical Planning, Sizing and Design for the Temporary Power during Turnarounds
  • Process Solutions to Reduce Critical Path Items
  • Solutions with temporary power, oil-free air or temperature control that reduce production bottlenecks and seasonal limitations

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  • Pipeline hydro-testing support services
  • 100% oil-free air compressors for pigging and pressurization
  • Dryers and dehumidifiers for drying pipeline to specs before testing
  • Chiller and heaters to cool or heat hydro-test water to required temperature

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Artificial Lift Systems
  • Power Automation for Auto On/Off Efficiencies
  • Diesel and Natural Gas Generators for Single and Multi-Well Pads
  • Gas Options Include Field Gas, Pipeline Gas, CNG, LNG and Propane
  • 24/7 Remote Monitoring Provides Proactive Failure Avoidance
  • Power for Electric Submersible Pumps, Rod and Beam Pumps

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Booster Pumps
  • Power Automation and Power On-Demand for intermittent operations
  • Hybrid battery kits provide low voltage power for site electronic controls
  • Fuel savings while generator only powers the pump when needed
  • Diesel and Natural Gas temporary power solutions

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Gathering and Processing Facilities
  • Diesel and Natural Gas temporary power systems for remote facilities
  • Distribution, switchgear, and transformers for site power solutions
  • Heaters, chillers, cooling towers for Process Enhancement
  • 100% oil-free air compressors for site controls and maintenance

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“No one wants to pay for more energy than they need, so our engineers will work with you to make sure you get the right level of power for your project.”


We’re your dedicated engineering partner

In an industry where no two operations are the same – and where every dollar counts – you don’t want a rental company. You need an engineering partner. We have unrivalled expertise in designing power management and temperature-control systems for the oil and gas industry. This means we can support you through your project life cycle, from startup and testing to production and decommissioning. Whether you’re operating upstream, midstream or downstream, we can help you to work more efficiently. It’s what we do.

Reduce and control your operating costs

High operating costs and low oil prices mean renting power generator and temperature-control equipment is cheaper than buying. And we can also help you save money by:

  • Reducing fuel costs by 60 per cent or more with power automation and load-on-demand systems for pump jacks, booster pumps, dewatering facilities and other equipment.
  • Operating more efficiently by capturing and purifying excess flared gas for use in natural gas rental generators.
  • Using customised dehumidification and cooling to preserve equipment on cold stacked offshore rigs.

Whatever your challenge, we’re dedicated to helping you reduce costs and work efficiently.

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"A lot of our oil and gas customers come to us when they need a power supply that can adapt to meet changing demands without blowing their budget. Our job is to create the system that keeps power optimised while taking financial pressure off the customer."

Reliable performance that flexes to meet changing needs

We can help you maintain production throughout the life of your project – however much your needs change. No one wants to pay for more energy than they need, so our engineers will work with you to make sure you get the right level of power. And if things change, we’ll make sure you get what you need quickly. We also respond swiftly to emergencies. So if power outages or storms threaten your operation, our best-in-class power generators will keep you online.

Pipeline testing and startup

We can help bring your pipelines online quickly with temperature-control and compressed air systems designed to speed up testing and commissioning. Our engineers design systems and recommend the best equipment for a range of test processes. This could include cooling hydro-testing water, dewatering lines and drying pipelines using desiccant dryers.

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“Aggreko was able to manage all of our power requirements – from sourcing the right filter management company to customising a power solution that helped improve production above our original estimation.”

Jason Wacker Operations Manager ,
BC Operating

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