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Flexible utility grid power solutions

Delivering power grid efficiency and resiliency

Modern power systems must be able to maintain the balance between power generation and load during peak demand, meaning your grid needs to be efficient and resilient, especially when adding renewables onto it.

Grid efficiency relies on many variables. We understand there is no universal approach to achieving grid resiliency and capacity. Our extensive expertise and knowledge of the industry enables us to design and engineer agile, innovative solutions tailored to meet your grid's ever-changeable power needs. We’ll deliver a clear strategy giving your grid economic resilience while also ensuring your day-to-day supply and continuous needs are met.

Resiliency, and having the extra capacity in place for efficiency gaps can be a challenging requirement to predict. Knowing that your generation assets are ranked in merit order for their switch on provides assurance that your grid is capable of delivering the power in line with varied energy needs. We understand the volatility of the entire energy efficiency scale and will advise on the best approach wherever you fall within it. Useful for climate variables such as droughts or extreme storms, ours fast resiliency and capacity solutions ensure you’re ready for the ‘when’ not the ‘what if’.

Utility power solutions guaranteed – whatever the market

With regulated or unregulated markets determining how energy is purchased and distributed, we have experience with projects in both market types and understand the challenges these bring. We’ll recommend plans that will maximise your Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). Providing grid resiliency through reserve margin support within a regulated market or if non -regulated, we will ensure your peak demand is met.

With cost, understanding the differences between Day Ahead Markets (DAMs) and Real Time Markets (RTMs) and their billing difference based on predicted Vs. instant needs is also important. Again, case by case we can deliver a solution based on the parameters of your project.

We have a host of smart energy solutions which will work around any constraints you might be limited by, combined with our ability to initiate flexible contract offerings, we are ready to for any energy need.  


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